Hello September 2023

How quickly is this year going? The nights are beginning to draw in and we will be thinking about those Autumn vibes!

Candles, soft lights, cozy fragrances, such as cashmere sweater, pumpkin spice all tend to make an appearance this time of year. Look out for this season's biggest trend, Mushrooms & toadstools of all descriptions feature, whether in lighting, giftware, candles or clothing. We are expecting a fabulous variety of giftware later this month. I can't wait to share these with you.

What else is new this month? We have the most fantastic scents ready to release this month. If you like strong fragrance, which not only smells great, but actively helps destroy odour, then watch out for new scents being added to our odouraze collection. Part of our range of best-selling Odouraze scented sizzlers that work to eliminate malodours, include Kitchen Fresh and Luscious Laundry. Our talented team of scent makers have developed a collection of fragrance oils in a range of popular scents with an incredible scent throw that also features industry-leading Odouraze technology. Odouraze is an innovative technology designed to tackle malodours, neutralising unpleasant smells and lingering odours instead of simply masking them. Perfect for removing stubborn home odours, such as pet and cooking smells, smoke and bathroom smells, and to refresh stale air.

We also have a brand new range of wellness scented sizzlers. Our new range of scented sizzlers are developed with oils created by the leading experts. Mood Therapy provides our perfumers with the ability to create fragrances that can enhance our overall emotional wellbeing. Using patented perfumery design rules created by the experts and validated by scientific research and testing, we can create certified solutions with specific mood benefits and then re-imagine them into sizzlers. Exciting!

September brings new offers, make sure you are subscribed for the latest updates to our website. Don't forget to enjoy and sign up to our loyalty scheme, many of our customers are enjoying discounts of up to £20, or free shipping. Click on the pink bag on the right hand side of your screen. Follow us on your socials, look out for vip discounts, offers, games and giveaways!

Finally, I want to thank each and everyone of you for your support. It has been tough. Mentally and physically. We have been through the worst time ever, but we appreciate you keeping us going, giving us a focus, for your friendship and support. Your kindness is everything.

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