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Here at Kelly's Smellies we know what the power of fragrance can create .A fragrance has the ability to set ambience, evoke a mood or stir nostalgia.
Smell is proven to be the sense that links most directly and emotionally to the brain. We have a wide range of home fragrance accessories that can create a feeling of wellness, throughout your home, in different areas, depending on what mood you are trying to create. Even in your working environment.
Take a look at what we recommend
Kitchen – Our range of Fragrance Lamps will eliminate cooking smells. Lemongrass & Sage will freshen the space.
Bathroom – A Reed Diffuser Bottle topped up with one of our many Refill fragrances will give continuous fragrance.
Bedroom – Room and linen sprays a relaxing pillow or plush spray. To help you sleep try lavender in a diffuser, this anxiety reducing oil is great for a peaceful bedtime routine.
Living Room – The ambience of a candle, can really help you relax and unwind at the end of the day. There's something to be said about a glass of wine, a good book and a candle! We have a lovely selection of candles to help create just that.
Exercising – The LED ultrasonic diffuser is the perfect way to disperse essential oils into the home. Lively clementine and Fern to energise and invoke feelings of happiness or soothing lavender for pre-bedtime yoga. The living space can be transformed with fragrance. The possibilities endless!
Workspace – For many people, working from home will be a permanent part of their life. I work from home and have burners, diffusers and candles going all of the time. They are a huge part of my life! Try using an Electric Burner or Plug-In Burner to trigger the start of the working day with a flick of a switch. Clean Linen wax melts will keep the home office smelling fresh all day. Try our sizzlers for an instant fragrance boost too!

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